I work primarily with solo entrepreneurs running consulting or business coaching businesses.  These business owners all have a few things in common including  very little “spare time” to grow their business, needing a way to consistently serve their clients without running themselves ragged, and trying to juggle running every single aspect of their business.  I work with them to create their proprietary business system that will free up some more of their time, get them more organized and efficient, and set  their business up to run without them.   

systems development and process improvement for every business stage:
operations manuals
key metric development
process mapping
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More Clients.
More Time.
More Profit.
More Productivity.
process improvement
lean office  applications
problem solving
root cause analysis
 “In a nutshell, I help small businesses run like big businesses.”
each tool above has lasting benefits, and are tried and true methods in use throughout profitable businesses in the u.s. and beyond.
Big Business Tools 
Small Business Growth
about us
six sigma process control

Systems Development: Having a business system that runs your business is your key to success and growth.  All Fortune 500 companies have a system, and the most successful franchises are built upon them (have you heard of a little company called McDonald’s? This just might be the ultimate system!).Your system is developed to capture how day-to-day operations are to occur, gives guidelines to future employees and contractors, and consistently delivers a quality product or service.

Process Improvement: To stay competitive in today’s market, businesses need to continuously improve their operations, whether that means serving clients quicker, eliminating unnecessary steps in  our processes, or reducing waste (time, money, resources) in how we run our business.  Process improvement efforts seek to find those aspects of your business that you can make better.

about me...
Heather R Wilson
Experience: 13 years of process improvement and problem solving in a variety of industries and environments working with several Fortune 500 companies including Milliken & Company, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and General Electric (GE).   

Industries: Automotive, Consumer Products, Energy, Oil & Gas, Community Development, Social Services, Health & Fitness, and Youth Programming.

Training: Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) problem solving methodologies.

Quality: 1000+  audit hours of quality management systems to verify compliance to internal and industry standards, with an additional focus on the effectiveness of the system.
saving small businesses their most important resources: money and time.
more about me:  
B.S. General Engineering - Spelman College
B.S. Industrial and Systems Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology
Certified Quality Engineer -  American Society for Quality (ASQ)
Certified Quality Management Systems Auditor - General Electric (GE)
Six Sigma Certification - General Electric (GE)
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